Clinical Trials 

Why Clinical Research?

Every year, thousands of patients volunteer to be a part of a clinical trial. The aim of a clinical trial is to test new medications and interventions in a select group of volunteers and closely monitor their results. The results from these volunteers are then used to approve new medications for use in the general public.

Many people wonder about the safety of clinical trials, and though with any medications there are risks, clinical trial participants are very closely monitored for any health changes. Participating in a clinical trial is not intended to replace normal care, however the additional monitoring and trial medication is often seen as a benefit. Additionally, several safety, ethics and medical committees are constantly supervising data collected to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our study volunteers.

For many of our patients, potential treatment alternatives, close monitoring and the knowledge that they are ensuring the health of future generations, are just some of the benefits of participating in a clinical trial. Insight Clinical Trials is unique in that we are independent so we are able to coordinate with any doctors from any facility in the area. We offer flexible hours, Saturday appointments, free transportation, and as always, there is never any cost.