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National Grief Awareness Day

By: Tanaziona Lucious Grief is an emotion that everyone will go through at someone point in their life. It’s part of life and experiencing what it means to be a human. Grief is the emotion that responses to a loss. Accompanied by grief are feelings of sadness, pain, sorrow, and suffering. Not all grief has to be something as devastating as losing a loved one but could be a major shift in your life, such as losing a relationship, losing your job, or any life event. National Grief Awareness Day is held on August 30th each year. The point of national grief

day is to educate people on how to grieve and create space to deal with their loss. It’s also a day where people share their experience and give others an opportunity to share their stories and let others know that they are not alone. Grief does not have step by step or a time frame for how long it should take for you to heal, everyone moves at their own pace through grief, the emotions that follows grief are:

  • Denial

  • Anger

  • Bargaining

  • Depression

  • Acceptance.

Denial is one of the earlier stages. People continue as if nothing has happened, and everything is normal. It’s a challenge to wrap their head around the change that has happened in their life, so they choose to deny that it’s happening at all.

Anger follows right after. Anger is a natural emotion and a very natural reaction after an unwanted change has happened. In the case of a death, anger is the response to thinking about how unfair and cruel it is that they were taken before their time. Anger is commonly felt toward the person that has passed on, or to us for things that we didn’t do before they died.

Bargaining is also very common; we typically go over all the “what ifs” and wish that we could go back and change things in the hope that things could turn out different. We make the deals within ourselves or even a higher being.

Depression is one of the final stages to overcoming your grief. It’s a pain that can become very intense and may expand over time, sometimes months or even years. It makes you feel as though life has no purpose and there is no meaning to living, which can be very scary and lonely.

Finally, the last stage, acceptance. Although your grief will never be fully gone, you accept it but do not let it tear you down. You will never fully get over the loss whether that is death, job, or relationship, but you’ve began to learn to live life again but keeping their memory close to your heart. For a free mental health screening, you can visit our website,, or you can call our number 215-526-1843, and speak to one of our associates today.


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