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Five Tips to Boost Your Mental Wellness in January, Especially on Blue Monday

Updated: Jan 24

Contributed by: Tanaziona Lucious

Welcome to the new year. Time for a fresh slate and an opportunity to become a better version of yourself!

January is considered a mental wellness month for several reasons, but specifically

because of  “Blue Monday,” the third Monday in January.

What is Blue Monday?

By the third Monday of January, the holidays are over, and many people begin to feel lonely resuming their regular lives. People also start to realize the consequences of their actions from being caught up in the holiday spirit. Credit card bills, weight gain, and seasonal depression are all part of Blue Monday.

What Are Mental Health Disorders?

Mental health disorders refer to behavioral, emotional, and psychological disorders ranging from mild to severe. It is reported that one in five American adults may experience a mental health disorder in a single year and include common illnesses like depression, anxiety, bipolar, eating disorders and substance use.

Millions of Americans are diagnosed with a mental health disorder, yet a very tiny portion of them receives treatment, if not treated properly it can affect and worsen all areas of life.

How Can We Celebrate Mental Wellness Month?

  • Start a conversation about mental health to break the stigma of seeking treatment.

  • Practice self-care. Take naps, have spa days, find other ways to love yourself. You can’t promote mental wellness unless you prioritize your own mental health.

  • Get a journal and write at least five things you are grateful and thankful for daily.

  • Learn a new hobby, it can help distract you from your daily stressors and make you happy.

Although some of these actions may seem insignificant, it is the smallest steps that add up to make the biggest change. The stigma against mental health is dangerous and unhealthy. No one chooses to suffer, so it is important that they are treated with respect.

Help break the mental health stigma this Blue Monday by providing better self-care and awareness of the others’ need for help as well.

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