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Participant Comments

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"This was my first clinical trial and I was a bit nervous going into it but the Insight team was very friendly, supportive and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. If you have a problem that they are researching, consider signing up for a trial with Insight. They might be able to help you out!"


"We have been attending sessions at the Insight Clinical Trials for the past 11 weeks. The moderators, receptionist, doctor, etc. are all extremely helpful and supportive. They make you feel like family, as we are going through a very stressful time. I feel my husband has progressed nicely since we have been coming here and it has helped decrease my anxiety level greatly."

Wife of former NFL player
with dementia

 "I have loved every step of the process at Insight Clinical Trials! Elisa is so understanding and confidential with every single patient, but more than that she becomes a confidant. The entire staff are amazing and so easy to deal with! The site is so very clean and even under the unprecedented times we live in today, I have never felt safer at any site. I would highly recommend this facility to any one of my friends or family. They treat you like family and really care about my health. The work they do here is bar none, so important. I feel like a new person after my trial!"

Matt B.

"Coming to Insight has given us hope for my husband's situation. We enjoy the people that work with us, and when we leave, we are happy and hopeful for the future."

Marie R.

"In a world where access to medical care is being reduced to layers on a phone tree, it is so comforting to deal with an office populated by compassionate people. Reassuring to know that here, what is good for the patient trumps diagnosis, and even the needs of the study." 

Betsy S.

"The staff at Insight Clinical is very warm and engaging. My husband, who is a study participant, feels relaxed there and actually looks forward to his monthly visit."

Joanne G.

"I have been dealing with TTM for over 50 years. I've tried everything from meditatoin to behavior therapy to hypnotherapy. NOTHING has worked. Since I've joined the trial, we noticed a drastic reduction in my symptoms. I feel like I finally have hope."

Insight Trials Participant

"I will forever be grateful to Insight Clinical Trials for helping me not only get an early diagnosis, but for the compassion and caring that I have received from Elisa and the other members of the staff. They have worked with me as I work through my protocol. I would strongly encourage anyone who has memory issues, or just any sense of less than 100% brain function to come to Insight. You will receive a thorough evaluation. The sooner you see if you have a problem, the better equiped you can be to slow the progression or get to the root of the cause. Please, please go to them. You will not be sorry you did. Information is power."

Insight Trials Participant

"Wonderfully caring and helpful people."

Suzanne H.

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