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Why Should You Participate in a Clinical Trial?

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Managing day-to-day life with a chronic disease or illness can be incredibly demanding. Despite advancements in care, it is incredibly common for people living with one or more chronic diseases to find that they need to cycle through a variety of medications or treatment options to find one that works for them. Sometimes, they may also become less responsive to their current regimen over time.

For that reason, and others, there is an ongoing need to research and develop innovative therapies that are safe and effective. Clinical trials are a critical part of developing new treatments, as well as to understand how diseases progress. Participants are an integral part of the research and choose to become involved for a wide variety of reasons.

Seeking Out the Latest Treatments

In volunteering to take part in a trial, many feel they are taking a more active role in their healthcare decisions by seeking out the latest treatments which are not yet widely available. Even if someone is not currently suffering from an illness, participating in a trial can help discover ways to prevent hereditary or other medical conditions from setting in.

Other benefits include:

Taking advantage of free healthcare: Clinical trials usually allow you to explore new treatments and receive comprehensive care and attention from medical staff at no cost to you. Study participants at Insight Clinical Trials receive high quality, free healthcare and medication for a range of conditions being studied. No health insurance coverage is necessary. Some of our studies last for several months, so a patient could receive care for a condition over an extended period of time.

Compensation: Participants usually receive monetary compensation for their participation, in addition to access to care, medication or medical equipment. Compensation varies by the study. Participants at Insight Clinical Trials are often reimbursed for travel and mileage costs as well.

First-in-line access to innovative medical interventions: Trial participants receive access to potential treatments before they are made available to the public. All new medications, treatments and devices must pass the FDA’s strict standards before being used with trial participants.

Exemplary healthcare in excellent facilities: Clinical trials are run by highly experienced medical experts with access to the most innovative methods, and participants benefit from their years of expertise. The physicians and counselors at Insight Clinical Trials have several decades of combined experience caring for patients and leading clinical research. Founded more than 12 years ago, the staff also consists of highly trained and experienced nurses, lab technicians, phlebotomists and coordinators. On top of that, we are proud to partner with leading medical firms conducting research studies both globally and locally.

Pay it forward: Participating in important medical research helps future generations to access better healthcare. Clinical trial participants assist in developing the best medical treatments to improve the quality of many lives in the future. By taking part in a study, you contribute towards the advancement of treatment and possibly a cure for yourself and/or loved ones.

Give hope today: You can save the day for those suffering from severe health problems by helping researchers prevent and treat medical conditions. Even if a particular trial fails to result in a wonder drug or treatment, participation helps get a step closer to a life-changing medical discovery.

Is it safe to participate in clinical trials?

There are many types of research studies in medicine covering a wide range of health conditions. All clinical trials have potential risks and benefits. In many cases, by the time a research study involves human subjects, it is far along in safety protocols.

Some studies are primarily concerned with adjusting dosage in a variety of populations. At Insight Clinical Trials, we take the time to explain the details of our trials to each participant and their families. Participants will be clear on how trials work and how participation in a trial can best suit a person’s particular health needs.

Insight Clinical Trials is one of the leading independent medical research institutes in Northern Ohio. We specialize in clinical research and treatment involving pain, depression, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and other mental health disorders. Our team of medical experts stands ready to help participants access the latest medical interventions and healthcare.

Contact us today to learn more about the clinical trials we are currently offering, and let us know any questions you may have.

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