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What To Expect From a Clinical Trial

A Guide For Patients.

Joining a clinical trial might seem like a commitment, but most people find it a lot less complicated than initially thought. Here is a quick checklist of what a person can expect:

  • Once an intake appointment is made, the staff will explain the trial in detail including the duration and what type of support a person would receive and gather the participant’s medical and personal history.

  • After the participant’s questions have been answered. They would need to sign an informed consent form.

  • A medical screening takes place to ensure that the participant qualifies.

  • Once officially accepted into the trial, the participant schedules the “baseline” visit. Medical researchers perform cognitive and/or physical tests during this initial visit

  • After the baseline visit, participants are then randomly assigned to a treatment group or a control group. The treatment group will receive the actual medication/treatment, while the control group receives a placebo. It is important to note that placebo group participants also provide valuable insights into the medical research process.

  • All trial participants need to visit the research site at frequently scheduled times. In these visits, they will complete new cognitive, physical, or other evaluations, and could ask questions.

  • For the duration of the trial, participants should continue seeing their usual physician for customary healthcare and follow all outlined trial procedures.

At the end of a clinical trial, the researchers will collect and analyze the data to see what the results indicate. Not all participants receive the results of the study for which they are participating. This information is usually shared during the first intake appointment.

Insight Clinical Trials is one of the leading independent medical research institutes in Northern Ohio. We specialize in clinical research and treatment involving pain, headache, Alzheimer’s, and other neuropsychiatric disorders. Our team of medical experts stands ready to help participants access the latest medical interventions and healthcare.

Contact us today to learn more about what our clinical trials are, and any questions you may have.


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