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Questions You Should Ask Before Joining a Clinical Trial

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Be Your Own Advocate

Participating in a clinical trial requires some preparation. A person should be ready to ask

the research team as many questions as they can. This will help them figure out if a clinical study is right for them. Knowing the advantages of participating in a clinical trial could help a person feel more confident about joining a study. Below is a handy list of questions a person can take to their assessment.

Trial Details

  • What is this study trying to discover?

  • What treatment or tests will I be able to access? Are these painful?

  • Will I get any test or lab results?

  • What are the chances that I will be chosen for the experimental treatment or the placebo?

  • What are the possible risks, side effects, and benefits of the study treatment compared with my current treatment plan?

  • How would I know if the treatment is helping me?

  • What is the duration of this clinical trial?

  • Where will the study occur?

  • Will I need to be hospitalized?

  • Will you provide transportation for me to get to the study site (like a rideshare service) if I need it?

  • Can I do any part of the trial with my family physician? Is there a clinical trial that is located closer to me?

  • How will my participation in this study affect my daily life?

  • How will this study protect my privacy?


  • How will you support my health while I am in the study?

  • What happens if my health condition worsens during the clinical trial?

  • Can I take my regular medication while participating in this trial?

  • Who will oversee my care while I am in the study?

  • Will I be allowed to see my family doctor?

  • How will you keep my doctor updated about my participation in the trial?

  • If I withdraw, will this affect my usual healthcare?


  • Will I need to pay to participate in this study?

  • If I need to pay any costs (such as travel, parking, or accommodation), will I be reimbursed?

  • Will my insurance pay for costs not covered by this clinical trial?

  • Will I need to make any out-of-pocket payments?

  • Can I join this study if I have no insurance?

  • Will I need a study partner? If so, how long will he or she need to participate?

  • Will the clinical trial compensate my study partner for his or her time?

After the Trial

  • Will you follow up with me about the state of my health after the trial ends?

  • If so, what is the nature of that support (medication, checkups, etc.)?

  • Will you inform me about the results of the study?

  • Who would I call if I have further questions after the clinical trial ends?

Insight Clinical Trials is one of the leading independent medical research institutes in Northern Ohio. We specialize in clinical research and treatment involving pain, headache, Alzheimer’s, and other neuropsychiatric disorders. Our team of medical experts stands ready to help participants access the latest medical interventions and healthcare.

Contact us today to learn more about what our clinical trials are, and any questions you may have.

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