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Participate in Virtual Depression Study Using Your SmartPhone

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Seeking participants with depression to test a mobile app

Join the Mirai Depression Study from the comfort of your own home using your smartphone.

The study helps researchers better understand how a mobile app can further help people who are already on medication for depression. It is a randomized, controlled trial that tests the effectiveness of two digital therapeutics designed to possibly treat depression.

If you struggle with depression, please consider participation.

About the Investigational Study Over 10-12 weeks, participants meet with a study coordinator to check in, alternating between video and phone visits. This at-home (or remote) clinical study is one in which volunteers fully participate from home.

Your identity and medical information will be kept confidential. We take your privacy and confidentiality seriously. A Google account is required to join this study and while Google provides the computing, analytics, and data handling power, Google will not sell your information. All your information will be stored in a secure, encrypted database with restricted access. We will not share any information with your insurance or medical providers without your consent. Please see our Privacy Policy for full details.

We cannot promise any medical benefits when you take part in this research. We also cannot guarantee a reduction in depression symptoms. However, the insights we get from this study may help us to improve the Mirai Study App for future subjects who suffer from depression.

You may qualify to participate if you:

  • Own and use an Android smartphone (OS 9.0 or greater) or an iPhone (iOS 13.0 or greater).

  • Are between the ages of 22 and 65

  • Are already on depression medication and not receiving the full benefit


If you qualify and decide to participate:

  • A study doctor will monitor your symptoms during the study

  • You may be reimbursed up to $350 to cover the costs associated with being part of this study, including cellular data charges, through a payment service.

Please talk to your doctor if you are interested in participating in this study.

To learn more about the THE MIRAI DEPRESSION STUDY and see if you may qualify, please call us at (216) 526-1843, email or fill out this online contact form.

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