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Depressed so long it feels normal?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Participating in a research study may be an option

When you suffer from depression, it can feel like you’re in an endless cycle of darkness. If you or someone you love is struggling, consider talking to the mental health professionals at Insight Clinical Trials for complimentary care through a clinical study in Beachwood.

Insight Clinical Trials is now enrolling participants for the CORAL STUDY to evaluate an investigational oral medication that is thought to target depression in a new way. The research seeks to determine if medication in combination with an FDA approved antidepressant will reduce symptoms of moderate-to-severe depression in adults.

If you struggle with Major Depressive Disorder, consider participation in this research study.

About the Investigational Medication The investigational oral medication is being studied to understand the effects on depressive symptoms compared to taking an antidepressant alone. The treatment period will last about 6 weeks.

You may qualify to participate if you are:*

  • 18-64 years old

  • Currently experiencing a moderate-to-severe episode of depression

*The study doctor will discuss additional requirements. Final eligibility is determined during a screening visit at Insight Clinical Trials.

During the screening visit, you will:

  • Meet with the study doctor and staff

  • Review additional information

  • Have an initial evaluation and undergo tests

  • Complete study questionnaires


If you qualify and decide to participate:

  • A study doctor will monitor your depression symptoms during the study

  • All study-related procedures and study medication will be provided at no cost

  • Transportation may be provided if you need assistance

Please talk to your doctor if you are interested in participating in this study.

To learn more about the CORAL STUDY and see if you may qualify, please call us at (216) 526-1843, email or fill out this online contact form.

Click here to download a patient one-sheet. Free marketing materials are available by calling 216-526-1843.

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